Entertainment: Tech Info

If you’ve landed on this page, that means you’ve signed up to perform at the 2022 GA Festival of Tress and have been accepted!!

We now need a little more information about you and your performance.


You have been accepted as a performed at the 2022 GA Festival of Trees!

We need to know a few more technical things so we can give you and all guests the very best experience.


Is there any compensation?
You and your group will receive free entry to the festival.

However, as this is a fundraising event, we do not offer financial compensation for entertainment at this time.

If you are signed with BMI or ASCAP, you can document your musical performance for royalties.

Are there performance limitations?
This is a great place to showcase your talents!!  However as this is a family event, we do have a few important rules:

  • no use of curse words
  • no political slogans or speech
  • conservative clothing
  • please stick to your time slot (no encores)
Can I sell merchandise?
Because we are raising funds for victims of sex-trafficking with Wellspring Living, we are not allowing entertainers to sell merchandise at this time.

However, you can promote your website and social media in your performance.

Is my performance tax-deductible?
We do not have a standard receipt for performers.

However, if you are signed with BMI or ASCAP, you can document your musical performance for royalties.

What are the entertainment requirements?
We’re sure you and your group will rehearse a lot – that’s a given.  But here are some other things to assure you have the best performance:

  • lighting is provided
  • electric points for powered instruments
  • PA system provided and engineered
  • mentions on social media for your performance
  • seated area for audience provided
Do I require liability insurance?

While the Festival does have liability insurance, it’s it highly recommended that all performers also have liability insurance.

It is very affordable and mostly protects you as the performer in the unlikely case of any incident.

Here are a few options:

Are public/private school groups allowed to perform?

Yes! School groups are encouraged to perform at the Festival and are not required to submit audition material. Busses may park at the GWCC Bus Depot.

Got Questions?

For more info, please contact us at  [email protected].