November 18-26, 2023 • Atlanta, GA


Perform at the Festival

Drumroll, please! Let’s give a jolly round of applause to all our amazing 2023 performers! It’s time to spread the holiday cheer once again at the 2024 Georgia Festival of Trees! If you’ve got the holiday spirit and want to perform at the festival, fill out the form below by August 31, 2024. Keep your sleigh bells on, because applicants will start receiving notification of their status beginning September 15, 2024. Join the festive fun and make help make spirits bright at the Georgia Festival of Trees this holiday season!

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Are public/private school groups allowed to perform?
What better way to spread holiday cheer than by showcasing your school’s talented performers? Bring them to the Georgia Festival of Trees (no need to submit an audition – just fill out the form). And no worries about parking – busses can jingle all the way to the venue Bus Depot.
Does the Georgia Festival of Trees pay their performers?
At the Georgia Festival of Trees, we’re spreading holiday cheer and raising funds to fight against domestic human trafficking. That’s why our performers generously donate their time and talent. Don’t worry, if you’d like it, we’ve got all the tax documentation you need to make your donation count towards the nice list.
Does my performance need to include Christmas music?
The Georgia Festival of Trees is a celebration of all things Christmas! To keep the yuletide cheer flowing, please reserve at least 75% of your performance for holiday-themed tunes.
Does Georgia Festival of Trees provide parking for entertainers?
As much as we’d love to gift our performers with free parking, the Festival venue doesn’t offer that option for the Georgia Festival of Trees performers.
Am I required to attend sound check?
If you want to sing your heart out on our Main Stage, you’re required sign up and show up for a sound check on the main stage. If you’re a dancing elf or part of a school group, you’re in luck! You don’t have to, although if you want the inside scoop on the stage or want to chat with our A/V pros, you can still sign up for a slot.
Does my group need to have liability insurance to perform?
While the Georgia Festival of Trees does have liability coverage, it’s better to be safe than sorry. We highly recommend all performers take out their own insurance to ensure a holly jolly good time for all.
Can I give you links to our music from YouTube or other places online?
No YouTube or online links, please! We need your Christmas jams in the proper format to ensure a flawless show. And don’t worry, we’ve got an easy solution – just submit your merry music through WeTransfer by October 25th.

Interested in Performing at the 2024 Georgia Festival of Trees?

We would love to get to know you better. Use the form below to tell us about you (& your group) and brighten our day with an audition file.

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Please provide an auction file that showcases your musicality and performance skills. File uploads cannot be more than 10MB. Please provide link in comments below for files larger then 10MB. If you have problems uploading a file, please provide a link in the Question or Comment box. Please do NOT upload a still image. For the audition process, we need a file that showcases your musicality and performance skills.

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